Replacement dwelling including garage, annexe and stables


Nazeing, Essex


New dwelling (3,500sq.ft), triple garage, annexe over and new seven bay stables building


Private house-builder

A small dwelling on private land in the green-belt area of Essex has been transformed into an impressive five-bedroom family home.

New World Architectural worked with a new client to help bring a dream house to reality.

While fairly modest in size, the existing dwelling helped to make what could have been a potentially complicated planning application slightly easier to negotiate.

Working closely with the builder, the team was on hand to offer support and advice throughout and ensure the development met all the required standards.

Services provided:

  • Planning design drawings and consultancy
  • Ensured building regulations were met
  • Negotiated planning permissions
  • Ongoing technical consultancy services
  • Specialist suppliers and services recommendations

Neil is one of the most experienced building engineers I have worked with and because of the details in his technical drawings, it ran seamlessly. He was helpful throughout the process and much more engaged during the delivery than other architects I have worked with.