Design & Planning

Our experience means the planning application process for your project will always be delivered smoothly.

Our architectural flair will make even the smallest job stand out from the crowd. Our innovative and sustainable designs can maximise your building’s efficiency and running costs and add value to your property

Most new buildings, major alterations to existing buildings and changes to the use of a building or piece of land will need some form of planning permission. This requires the submission of an application which includes documents and drawings describing the bulk, size, mass, scale and principle of the project for the local authority to consider and determine.

Depending on the complexity of the project, more specialist information may be required and our services can cover all these possibilities. However, not all projects require planning permission as some are covered under permitted development rights or lawful development.

We’ll use our knowledge and experience in the planning system to tell you exactly what your options are and how you can maximise your development opportunities.

The starting point of the design process is a measured site survey from which initial sketch proposals are produced. We will then work with you to develop these into final architectural drawings. We also prepare the planning package and make the submission to the local authority on your behalf.

The planning process is not always straightforward and, once submitted, we manage your application throughout the consultation period, keeping you informed at all times. Collaboration with the authorities can be key to an application’s success and we attribute our high rate of planning approvals to good negotiation and the determination and persistence to achieve a positive outcome.

The project exceeded and went way beyond all of my expectations. We put some very ambitious plans in place and the end result is 100% what we wanted to achieve. I couldn’t recommend Neil highly enough. He approached the project with the same care and attention as if it were his own property with great passion and enthusiasm to deliver the results.
Before the start of this project, we had some concerns around the property collapsing into the basement when we were digging it out so the planning element of this project was of paramount importance to us. Neil is always quick to come up with creative solutions when challenges are flagged and his detailed drawings made the delivery of the project very efficient.
This was my first major building development project for my own home. Neil is one of the most experienced building engineers I have worked with and because of the details in his technical drawings, it ran seamlessly. He was helpful throughout the process and much more engaged during the delivery than other architects I have worked with.
This was a tricky project because there were some issues with the levelling of the property. These were overcome thanks to Neil’s team and all the experience they brought to our project. New World Architectural has great initiative and get on with the job to make life much easier for us.
We did have quite a few ideas and photos of what we wanted for a separate studio in our garden and Neil Cook managed skilfully to translate them into drawings and detailed plans. His local knowledge of planning regulations and what we would be allowed to build was invaluable and saved so much time in having the plans approved. They sailed through without objection.
Chris & Jane
The architectural services on this job included everything from start to finish and were delivered with great professionalism throughout. It’s great to work with a professional who support us every step of the way and communicate their actions clearly. If they tell us it’s done, it’s done and it’s done well.
This was the first project I had tackled with such a firm focus on energy efficiency and the build was required to meet a number of criteria levels as instructed by Building Control. New World Architectural took over responsibility of this, carried out detailed research of this and ensured the requirements were set out to us very clearly. The plans were well executed and the residents are very proud of the results.